Hand sheet Former

Hand sheet Former

  1. Diameter of sample sheet: ≤ 200mmVacuum degree of vacuum pump: 0.092-0.098MPa
  2. Drying temperature: ≤105℃
  3. Drying time (30-80g/m2 quantitative): 3-6 minutes
  4. Heating power: 1.5KW×2; voltage: 220V
  5. Autonics Korea intelligent PID temperature controller × 2

Working power supply: AC/DC 85-260V (50HZ/60HZ)

Thermal resistance: PT100 Operation environment: 0 ~ ±50°C: ≤85% RH

Contact capacity: AC 250V/3A Measurement accuracy: 0.2% F.S

  1. Autonics Korea time totalize

The scope of the time totalize is between 1s-9999.9h.Power supply voltage: AC/DC 100V-240V and Power consumption: ≤3.5VA Time precision: ≤0.1%

  1. Power of vacuum pump motor: Taiwan
  2. Power of jet self-priming stainless steel pump motor: 370W
  3. Inflation valve for electromagnetic vacuum belt: current 0.048A Voltage 220V
  4. Vacuum electromagnetic valve: ×2 Voltage: 220V
  5. Electromagnetic valve for water drainage: voltage 220V
  6. Mesa Material: stainless steel (304L)
  7. Equipped with four standard floating press rollers (304L) with a weight of 13.3Kg each.
  8. Coupled with a spraying and washing device.
  9. Outline dimensions: 1800mm×720mm×1430mm